Captain America: The Winter Soldier Review (2014)

Captain America- The Winter Soldier 1Captain America: The Winter Soldier is a fantastic superhero film. Providing a compelling story, amazing action sequences and excellent acting Captain America is the whole package. Marvel have proved in the last five years that they are on top of their game when it comes to superhero movies, providing one blockbuster after another. But is there a chance that Captain America: The Winter Soldier is the best one yet?

I will admit that I did not like the first Captain America, I thought that the action was weak, the story was convoluted and the director just didn’t use the full potential of the Captain. In The Winter Soldier, directors Anthony and Joe Russo have allowed Captain America to not only use his shield, his iconic weapon, as a form of defence, but use it primarily for offence. This sounds a little cheap in writing, but the fact of the matter is, the Captain is a complete badass in The Winter Soldier. The action scenes are the best choreographed action scenes in any superhero movie, in my opinion, the way that Captain America welds his shield around, like the boss he is, is nothing short of masterful. The characterisation of Captain America is outstanding in this film, the greatest aspect of this character is that he was frozen in time, Captain America- The Winter Soldier 5and as such he still acts like a gentleman from the 1940’s. Steve Rogers is an old fashion hero in a modern environment and those parallels play into the movie as well. The fact that The Winter Soldier is more of a political thriller than it is a superhero film is fantastically original. They could have used this aspect in any of the other marvel movies, but I don’t think it would have worked as well. Captain America is a governmental weapon, he doesn’t have his own agenda like Ironman or Thor do, and joined S.H.I.E.L.D. to protect the people and their freedoms. It is incredibly engrossing watching a figurehead of this overarching governmental organisation take on the organisation as a whole. A man with a shield against an army, but, because he is Captain America, we believe he can absolutely succeed.

Captain America- The Winter Soldier 4The entire cast of The Winter Soldier do a fantastic job, with the new edition to the Avenger family, The Falcon, whom is a perfect addition to the franchise and I hope to see him again. The one downfall that I have had with all Marvel movies is that the villain isn’t frightening. Not even Loki, he is a charming and witty character that is incredibly smart, but when the going gets tough he is an even match for any of the Avengers. The Winter Soldier is completely terrifying, never letting up with a merciless look in his eye as he goes about his actions. He is the best villain that has been in a Marvel movie and I hope that future writers and directors of superhero movies learn from this. It is also refreshing to see the character of Nick Fury more fleshed out than he ever has been. We are used to seeing him behind a desk or a control panel giving orders, but in The Winter Soldier, you see Fury in both some pretty emotional scenes and a lot of action scenes, welcome back Mr. Fury we missed you. The motives, desires and fears of all of the characters are both realistic and believable, which only made this movie even stronger. The story as a whole is nothing shy from brilliant, even touching on sensitive topics that are prevalent today, such as governmental spying. Captain America- The Winter Soldier 3Even though the crux of the story is of a governmental conspiracy, the Russo brothers have intertwined it with copious amounts of original and thrilling action scenes. There are plenty of fighting sequences and they all became progressively bigger and more intense. Most importantly, the action never feels out of place or unnecessary because it’s always building from the story. 

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is the best marvel superhero film. It is clear that this franchise continues to grow from strength to strength with its sophisticated story and thrilling action. The Disney/Marvel Universe seamlessly evolves through The Winter Soldier and progresses the overarching saga. Why aren’t the other franchises held to the same standard?

I give this film 9.5/10

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